Services Overview

  • SOCIAL Programmes

    Projects and programmes of social and spirtitual concern for the relief of poverty and economic distress both in the case of individuals and communities.

    Providing basic amenities, including food, clothing and shelter to the poor, needy, necessitous,underprivilaged, dissabled,the aged and those in financial need.

  • Auckland City Mission

    Auckland City Mission provides support to People who are sick ,Isolated elderly ,People with mental illnesses , People with addictions ,Families with housing difficulties.

    The MOSES Foundation Charitable Trust supports the Auckland City missions work .

  • The Full Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ


    Counselling, Prayer , Faith healing & demonic deliverence in the name of Jesus Christ with the power of the Holy Spirit.

    Phone or email us and we can arrange someone near you to talk or visit you.


Our heart is to give to the needy, feed the hungry and satify the needs of the oppressed.

We have been called to do this by our God and Saviour Jesus Christ, it is by His grace that we can do this work. Everything we do we do in His name with all glory to God who is the provider of all our needs.