Featured Projects


As a family DANZ aim to see justice, bring joy, restore faith, give hope and show God’s unconditional love.
They do this practically through:

- Feeding the hungry & clothing the poor
- Caring for the sick and new mothers
- Educating the generations
- Rescuing “at risk” children through the princess project
- Discipling and Church planting
- Administration & facilitation

DANZ spent six months in Cambodia and returned home Dec 2014.

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Specialized Programs

  • Food Banks

    Downtown Community Ministry Feeding the hungry

    We support the Wellington, Auckland, Christchurch, Dunedin Food banks, soup kitchens and drop in centre's .


    Te Nikau Training centre MOSES Foundation fully supports their work

    Foster the rehabilitation of persons affected by addictions, dependency, and co-dependency. Provide counselling assistance to those in need, for whatever reason, and in whatever area of life. Demonstrate Christian concern for the social, emotional, and spiritual needs of people. .

  • Barnanbas Fund

    Water Projects Fund A number of Barnabas Fund projects help to provide drinking water for Christian communities in situations of discrimination or persecution.

    The most basic physical need is surely clean, safe water. Those who persecute Christians know this and sometimes use it against them. Nearly a hundred converts from Islam to Christianity in a village in Uzbekistan were refused access to drinking water. Twenty-two Vietnamese Christian families were forced to leave their village and settle in another area where there was no source of clean water. In Sri Lanka a pastor and his family were attacked by an angry mob and the well where they got their drinking water from was deliberately contaminated, causing children who drank it to fall ill.

What’s New

Oral Rehydration Appleal.

Just $40 will help save 400 children’s lives

Dehydration will kill over 4,000 children in the next 24 hours. And without our help, millions of distraught parents in developing countries have no way to make their children well again – though a simple, life-saving treatment exists. It’s called Oral Rehydration Therapy. It’s a mixture of salt and sugar that, when added to water and sipped, is the only way to ger the body of a severely dehydrated child to absorb the water it needs to survive.

A single sachet costs just 10 cents Dehydration from diarrhoea kills 1.5 million children every year, 80 per cent of them under two years old. This can’t be right when the solution is so cheap and so simple. Suddenly, 10 cents is extraordinarily valuable